Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meeting a Domme

I’m straddling pets back, holding her down as She works on pet’s legs and feet with a crop. She strikes pet softly a few times and then delivers a hard blow causing pet to yelp. We have been playing for a while now, and pet has endorphins flying through her body allowing her to take an extra dose of pain. Moving higher, She strikes pet hard on the ass and then again twice in a row, this time hitting pet on her sensitive hips. This causes pet to whimper and kick her legs, even with her endorphins.

We met Her at a local Chinese restaurant and immediately like Her. She has a nice smile, a smile that at once puts you at ease and draws you in. But it is Her eyes that are killer. They are light, soft and sensual yet betray an underlying strength and energy. And as I’ll find out later Her stare is even more powerful.

Flirting and making playful puns, the conversation is relaxed and easy as we eat our meal of seafood, sweetened beef and curry flavored noodles.

“Let me remove that temptation” pet says, moving an egg roll away from Her.

“That doesn’t remove the temptation” She replied not missing a beat and staring right at pet. I give Her a knowing look and a smile, but pet doesn’t seem to pick up on the double entendre. The more She talks, the more we like Her. She is confident and straightforward in a sexy way and Her confidence feeds ours as we continue to flirt back and forth. She's into pet, and I like that. I like sharing pet with other women, letting us all play together.

Craving berries after diner, we go to a local store to pick up a pack and I love Her assumption that we’re going back to our apartment to eat them. The guy at the checkout counter makes a comment about us being dressed up to go out.
“We’re about to go in” I tell him
“Oh, it looks like you’re going out to diner or something” he continues
“No, we just had a good diner” I reply, resisting the urge to say that our dessert is going to be even better.

Once back at our apartment we eat the berries and talk about various scenes. During the discussion I wonder what it would be like to lick crushed berries from Her nipples. Are Her nipples sensitive? Is She into nipple play I wonder.

I don’t have to wait long for an answer, She loves nipple play and I can’t help but think of playing with and torturing Her nipples; pinching them, twisting, sucking, and pulling on them while using a vib on Her, or rubbing Her g-spot with my fingers until She screams and cums hard. Then I think of Her playing with my nipples. Hm, where did that thought come from? She seems to be bringing out a different side of me, and I like it. I want to use Her but I also want Her to do things to me, to hurt me, to use me...

I snap out of my momentary daze and rejoin the conversation. We are talking about how I don’t like to go down on girls, but that isn’t entirely true. My desire to lick a girls pussy is specific to the girl. Some girls I love to go down on and others I don’t. Making it even harder to explain is that there doesn’t seem to be a reason for why I want to with some but not others. It seems to be a subconscious urge I have when I see a girl or maybe when I see her pussy.

After talking we agree to keep clothes on and not share fluids tonight, we are all nearly positive that we are all clean, but it’s better to be safe. Besides, hopefully, we’ll be seeing a lot of each other so there is no rush, except for the rush we are all about to get from our play.

After pulling out our toys, She tells pet to take her shirt off and to get on the bed. She asks if I would like to take my shirt off as well. I ask if she is going to take Hers off.
“No” Her reply comes quickly. I can tell she is full of dominant energy tonight and is firmly in Top space. After lighting a few candles I decide to take off my outer shirt but to still leave on a t shirt.

Turning Her attention to pet, She begins to lightly scratch pet’s arms and then uses a small flogger on her, striking pet’s arms, stomach and tits while I watch, enjoying the sight of pet being topped by another person. Especially someone as sexy as Her. She notices me watching and beckons me to join in the fun.

Kneeling on the bed, I hand Her a blindfold to put on pet and then begin to lightly scratch pet. I know how much pet loves this and how sensitive it makes her. I work my fingers down pet’s arms, then over to her stomach and finally to her breasts. I focus on her left breast, running my finger nails up and down and all around her tits but teasing her by avoiding her nipple. All the while She was choking pet with the flogger.

Putting down the flogger, She decides it is time to work on pet’s right nipple. Taking pet’s nipple between Her fingernails She begins to rhythmically squeeze , tightly pinching pet’s nipple with each pulse of Her fingers. The combination of my scratching and Her pinching has pet rocking and bucking her hips. I consider using a Hitachi on her, pressing it against her sensitive clit through her bottoms and allowing her to cum but I don’t want to give her too much pleasure too soon. We’ve only just started...

She releases the nipple and begins to focus on pet’s arms, using the flogger and lightly slapping pet with Her hand. Now I move in on pet’s nipples. First grabbing the freshly tormented right nipple, I pinch it firmly and then slowly twist the nipple, I finish by pulling the nipple up and away from pet’s body forcing her breast to elongate and causing pet to start whimpering. Releasing the nipple, pet’s tit falls back into shape. As I release the nipple I hear a loud slap, She has just slapped pets arm hard. I repeat the process of pinching, twisting and pulling on pet’s other nipple and again when I release pet’s nipple She slaps pet’s other arm hard causing pet to yelp.

“I like symmetry. Do you?” She asks with a grin.
“I do” I reply, returning Her smile “It’s very zen like”

Deciding it’s time to focus on pet’s ass, we have pet rollover. I begin to spank pet and She straddles pet’s lower back so She can scratch and flog pet’s upper back, puller hair and choke her some more. While spanking pet’s ass with gentle, steady warm up strokes, I begin to feel Her foot sliding up and down my leg. While we have flirted verbally and exchanged glances during the night, this is our first flirty, suggestive physical contact. Continuing pet’s warm up, I use my other hand to rub and gently scratch Her foot.

After a few minutes She turns toward me with a grin and slides Her hand up under my shirt. She finds my nipple and begins to pinch it gently at first and then harder. The pain begins as a slow burn and I love the feeling. Reaching our to Her, I return the favor and pinch Her nipple through Her shirt and bra. I have a hard time getting a good grip through Her clothes, but begin to twist a little to give Her some added sensation. My nipple is beginning to burn from Her pinching as She stares at me, and I love it. Both the burning and Her stare, it is a captivating stare and I want more of both but She pulls Her hand away and breaks the stare as if to tease me.

With a slight moan from my nipple’s sudden release, I pick up a paddle and start to work on pet’s slightly pink ass. Pet is warmed up now and has endorphins flowing through her. Knowing that she can take much more now, I bring the paddle down harder and harder on her ass. When pet’s ass is a nice shade of red, I begin to move the paddle down her legs, gently paddling the back of her legs and calves. I know this is a sensitive spot on pet’s body and soon even the gentle strokes have her whimpering. Not wanting to cause her too much distress I give pet’s legs another pass up and down before returning to her ass.

Finishing playing with pets back, She turns to face me again and reaches an arm out to me. At first I think She is trying to hug me and I lean into Her, but Her hand finds my throat. Mmmm chocking, my kind of girl…it’s something I wasn’t expecting and I momentarily pull back a little surprised but then lean closer allowing Her access to my throat.

Her hand struggles to find the right spot, first too high, then hitting my adams apple causing me to swallow, before settling on my artery. We are close, our faces only a foot apart and She stares at me as She slowly tightens Her grip. That stare of Her’s that I’m quickly growing to love. It is an intense stare, captivating, mesmerizing and electrifying. I can literally feel the energy flowing between us. I don’t want this feeling to end. As Her hand tightens more I can feel the blood flow to my brain being slowly cut off and I begin a silent countdown in my mind while getting ready to tap Her arm, signaling Her to let go, when I reach zero. The energy from Her stare is palpable and I want it to go on and on but my mental countdown is almost to zero 4...3...2 and then She releases Her grip.

“You’re stubborn” She says. Little does she know just how close I was to tapping Her arm.
“Yes,” I reply with a slight grin “But you almost had me.”

I loved the feeling of Her choking me and imagine what it would feel like to have Her choke me while restrained. Unable to move, putting all of my trust and faith in Her to let go at just the right time, pushing me yet keeping me safe.

She’s right in saying I’m stubborn, but not how She probably thinks. My being stubborn isn’t a direct challenge to Her power or a battle of wills, instead it is born from my desire to push myself. I tend to like pain, it makes you feel alive and I want to see how much I can take. How much torment and torture on my nipples (or other places) I can take before I moan, before my moan becomes a whimper, before my whimper becomes a scream of pain, before I use my yellow – slow down safeword...that slow burn of pain growing hotter and hotter until you can’t stand it anymore...

Getting off of pet, She picks up a crop and begins to pay attention to pet’s legs. Grabbing a paddle, I move to take Her place straddling pet’s back. We start to work on pet again, me paddling pet’s ass, while She cropped the back of her legs, calves and feet. Tiring of the crop, She picks up a rubber paddle and straddling pet’s legs and we begin to work on pet’s ass together. She would bring the rubber paddle down and I would follow it up with a bare handed spank to the same spot a second later. We continued this pattern while watching each other, seeing each other work.

I reach out and wrap my hand around the back of Her neck. I give Her hair a slight pull, but She is in Her top zone, and is not interested in having Her hair pulled. The submissive her might like that, but this is the Domme Her. Releasing Her hair, I rub the back of Her neck. With my hand on the back of Her neck, I want to pull Her forward and kiss Her hard, but we didn’t discuss kissing and I am letting Her control the tempo. I continue rubbing Her neck for a while longer before sliding my hand down Her sides and back to pet’s ass.

She responds by reaching out for me, first touching my chest then sliding lower to my stomach before drifting down to rub my cock through my jeans. I give a small moan and my hips involuntarily move forward, against Her hand as my cock twitches and pulses at Her touch. I remind myself to stay calm, that the jeans have to stay on tonight, but my cock wants more attention and tries to harden in the tight confines of my jeans.

Getting Her fill of teasing my cock, She once again turns Her attention to pet’s ass, bringing the rubber paddle down again. I resume my spanking, but shift forward, so that I’m closer to Her. I begin to rub my hands down pet’s legs, letting my hands brush against Her legs and inner thighs with each stroke and She leans into my touch. I try rubbing Her pussy through Her jeans, but with Her legs positioned as they are, it’s an impossible task.

“You’re a little bit off there” She says to me with a smirk, reminding me that I can’t get to Her pussy.

Her legs are firm and toned, and I can’t help but think what it would be like to go down on Her. To feel Her thighs grip my head as I slide my tongue along Her pussy lips, rub the flat of my tongue against Her clit before sucking it between my lips and then driving my tongue into Her pussy. To have Her throw me down and ride my face, forcing me to lick Her until She is satisfied.

What the hell? I think to myself, another submissive thought? She’s really bringing a different side of me out. Perhaps I’m a switch I think to myself. But before I can dwell on the feeling, I feel Her hands on me again, rubbing my chest and sliding under my shirt. As I begin to spank pet again, She runs both of Her hands up to my nipples and pinches them with Her fingernails. She is pinching in rhythmic pulses like She did to pet earlier, and it feels like tiny pin pricks biting in my nipples. It feels amazing and I wish She would pinch just a little harder.

“That feels fantastic” I whisper.

She just smiles at me and continues to pinch my nipples with Her hypnotic rhythm. Once again we are merely inches apart. I want to lean over, grab Her hair and kiss Her, feel Her soft lips press against mine, slide my tongue against Her’s, to lean over and gently kiss Her neck and bite Her shoulder but I am once again transfixed by Her stare, that look that I can’t seem to break away from. Does She still taste like the raspberries we ate earlier I wonder? But She is pinching my nipples and in control of the situation, and I let Her have the lead.

She released my nipples and I let out a little sigh, Her pinching had felt so nice, I wanted it to continue, but Her hand again drops down and rubs my cock through my jeans. God, it feels good. I want to flip Her over and have my way with Her – and at the same time I want Her to have Her way with me. My thoughts are racing and conflicting. Who should take the lead, who’s in charge here? Reaching under Her shirt, I raise my hands up and find Her nipples. I roll them between my fingers, gently pressing Her nipples against Her piercing. I’m pressing gently, trying to give Her a little pleasure, rather than pain. I’m longing to lower my head and take Her nipple into my mouth. I imagine rolling Her nipple and piercing with my tongue, taking Her piercing in my teeth and pulling, providing a nice stretch for Her nipple...

Unfortunately the hour is drawing late and we need to wrap up our scene. I get off pet allowing Her to lean over and hug pet. This also causes Her to raise Her beautiful, tight and toned ass in the air. Running my hand over Her ass, She begins to rock back and forth. With a small moan, I slide my hand down between Her legs and begin to rub Her pussy in time with Her rocking. Through Her jeans, it feels as if Her pussy lips are full and moist. Her rocking back and forth makes me wish I were fucking Her, sinking my hard cock into Her wet pussy, grabbing Her shoulders and a fist full of hair and fucking Her hard from behind rather than just rubbing Her pussy, but that will have to wait for another night.

Pet is floating, high on endorphins from her use and needs to get some sleep. As we’re cleaning up, I can smell the girl’s arousal in the air. Thankfully I don’t get a full dose of their copulins or I would have been even more turned on than I already was but I love the smell of sex and I smile thinking of the hot scene we just had.

The three of us have been playing a subtle game of seduction all night long. I have been watching Her work, She is skilled and experienced. She knows how to bring that delectable combination of pleasure and pain. She has succeeded in seducing me and I feel safe giving myself over to Her. I think that I would rather enjoy having Her top. I wonder if she feels the same way about me and would like me to top Her.

We had an exciting interplay between us but for our future scenes to live up to their vast potential, we’ll have to determine before hand who will be the Dominant and who will submit and then let the Dominant person decide how the scene plays out. If she submits, she can relax, let go and enjoy the feeling of being bound, having her hair pulled, being tormented, tortured and fucked hard. What would she sound like when her hair is matted with sweat with a vib buzzing against her clit, made hypersensitive from cumming, as she begs and pleads me to stop? Or if I submit I’ll be able to give myself over to Her fully, to please and serve Her the best I can, to be Her play toy to restrain, torment and fuck as she wishes.

Walking Her back to Her car and hugging Her goodnight I half hope that she’ll throw me in the backseat so we can fuck like a pair of animals. But that will have to wait for another night, tonight is only our first of hopefully many nights together, tonight the clothes stay on.

Maybe I have a bit of a switch side to me after all. I'll have to consider exploring this new side to me, at least in fantasy if not in reality.

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